How to Stay Strong After 1 Year of COVID-19

After about a year of COVID-19, it is hard to look back at March 2020 and remember what it was like. Some days flew by and some days dragged on. With all the change and curve balls thrown our way, we have been constantly adapting for a while now. Looking on the bright side has become something we have to do when the news is so negative.

When we look back at the year, it is hard to remember all the things that happened. From major hospital shutdowns to the black lives matter protests to murder hornets to a new president there have been many ups and downs. Through all of these events, the human race has proven time and time again to be strong and resilient. Holding strong to positivity is essential.

Getting through all these ups and downs and maintaining a strong, positive attitude can be exhausting. Burn out happens easily when there is prolonged and excessive stress causing you to feel overwhelmed and unable to meet demands. You can feel burnt out from a job, a sport, a person or even life in general; and I think many of us may feel burnt out from this year.

In order to combat burnout, you must be intentional with making plans and ensuring that you are making time for yourself and things that will fill you up and rejuvenate you. There are many small changes you can make in your life to help combat burnout before moving on to bigger life changes.

6 Awesome Ways to Combat Burnout From COVID-19

  1. Make Time for Free Time
    Adding a slot for free time in your schedule is a great start avoiding burnout. Whether you fill that time with family, a hobby or a nap, putting it into your calendar is an important first step.
  2. Sleep More
    The amount of sleep you get can make or break your day. When we sleep, it allows our brains to recharge and refresh. Without this essential rest, you may feel more irritable and less patient to deal with the day.
  3. Cut Down on Screen Time
    Many studies have shown that the amount of time we spend behind screens, whether our phones, tvs or computers, is not the best for us. The more we cut back on spending time behind screens the more time we will have to spend with the people we love and the things that fill us with joy.
  4. Understand Your Breaking Point
    Knowing what is too much for you is extremely helpful when setting limits and boundaries. When you know your limits, you are able to stop before it is too late and you have over exerted yourself. This allows you to stay strong through obstacles because you have enough energy and bandwidth.
  5. Travel and Relax
    Another great way to reset is to get away. This is a great opportunity to get all the stress off your mind and recharge. Stepping back from the whirlwind of life, even just for a day, can be super beneficial.
  6. Find a Hobby
    Hobbies are an awesome way to use your hands or body while relaxing your mind. Oftentimes when you have a hobby you love, spending free time doing what we love will feel relaxing. From soccer to knitting to sudoku, there are so many hobbies to choose from.

Throughout this past year while we have dealt with COVID-19, adding these little things into our daily lives has been essential. To stay strong during hard times, finding activities and new things to keep your body busy and mind relaxed is key.

Many individuals and groups have stepped up throughout the year to show the good despite the bad. Here are some of the ways people have shown strength and positivity in the midst of one of the hardest years of our lives. If you are struggling to stay positive on your own, you can always borrow some positivity from someone else!

4 Positive Forces This Year

  1. Healthcare Workers and the COVID-19 Vaccine
    Through all the stress and pressure healthcare workers have been through this past year, they have provided us with so much positivity. This is just one of many articles showing the strength healthcare workers have. When the COVID-19 vaccines were coming out, they took to dancing to show their thankfulness and excitement for one more step towards a healthier world.
  2. John Krasinski – Some Good News Episode 1
    John Krasinski started the show ‘Some Good News’ early on in the pandemic. Through this show, he was able to highlight the many ways people were keeping strong in the midst of it all. From grandparents meeting grandbabies through windows to healthcare workers getting celebrated for their hard work, John highlights it all.
  3. Connecting in Ways We Never Did Before
    Just like this article highlights, so many people created little ‘COVID pods’ to socialize and stay safe with. When our lives slowed down, it forced many people to see who and what was right around them. From meeting neighbors they’ve lived by for years to reconnecting with old friends online, COVID-19 forced us to find community in different, new ways.
  4. No Barriers Virtual Programs
    With options for kids, adults and everyone in between, No Barriers have transitioned their programs to online platforms. This allows more people to access the amazing programs that help them break through their barriers and become stronger, more resilient people. Especially during COVID-19, programs like these are extremely influential because they support people’s ability to overcome, find the positive and succeed.

Through the ups and downs that this past year has thrown our way, staying strong has become the new norm. We have banded together to overcome barriers we would have never seen coming. Being able to look on the bright side of obstacles is essential especially as we continue trucking along through COVID-19.

March 16, 2021
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