12 Powerful Benefits of Summer Camp (Besides Smores)

If you grew up going to summer camp, chances are you built some of your greatest childhood memories at that camp. Maybe you made some lifelong friends or found your soulmate there. Or maybe that is where you developed a skill that has stayed with you and turned into your greatest passion. Whether these things happened to you or not, chances are pretty high you had a great time at camp. 

Camp not only gives parents some free time in the summer to do their own things, but it also provides so many opportunities for kids to learn and grow. With so many options of camps, you are bound to find one that fits your family’s needs. There are sleepaway camps and day camps. There are camps close to home and camps across the country. There are camps that focus on growing kids’ religion. There are camps that teach kids a certain skill like mountain biking. There are camps that offer a plethora of activities so your kids can try many new things.  Whatever you are looking for, there is something that will fit your kids interests.

12 Powerful Benefits of Summer Camp

1. Make New Friends

Camp is a great place for kids to get introduced to a variety of personalities. With kids coming from all over, they will be able to meet people with different backgrounds. Summer camp allows kids to find others with similar interests as them and maintain these friendships for years to come.

2. Step Out of Comfort Zone

For many kids, summer camp is a big step out of their comfort zone. Summer camp offers a safe, relaxed environment for kids to take this leap. They will be surrounded by awesome counselors to support them and many other kids who are feeling the same things. 

3. Develop Lifelong Skills

Summer camp helps kids develop a variety of skills. Interpersonal skills such as making friends and communicating are quickly developed. Specific skills like horseback riding or rock climbing are often taught at camp and gives kids the opportunity to gain many different skills. No matter what kids do at camp, they will be stretched and grow and come back with many new skills to share with you!

4. Build Resilience

Girl doing a high ropes course in the forest

Resilience, like diamonds, can only be grown under pressure. Summer camp is an awesome, safe environment for kids to be put under pressure and face hard things. Whether it is anxiety about their first time away from home or nerves to climb up the tree for the high ropes course, kids have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and succeed.

5. Connect to Nature

One of the best parts about summer camp is the opportunity it gives kids to connect to nature. Whether they are hiking through forests or just playing outside more than they normally would, camp allows them to explore the outdoors in a new way.  

6. Teamwork

Camp puts kids in groups that they usually navigate the week with which challenges them to create relationships and communicate through decision making. This helps kids to see that other people may have different thought processes than them, and that is okay! Building these basic relationship skills at a young age will help them succeed in teams later on.

7. Self Confidence

While being put in so many new scenarios, kids have the opportunity to succeed. The success that they will find will stick with them for a long time. These successes in turn build self confidence in kids and high self confidence is a large key factor in positive development. 

8. Develop Healthy Habits

From playing outside to working well with other people, kids have the opportunity to build healthy habits. With many physical activities to try out, kids can find what they are passionate about. Creating these healthy habits at a young age is essential in maintaining them as we grow. 

9. Safe Place to Explore

Summer camp builds an environment that allows kids to try new things and explore their interests. By allowing kids to do this from a safe, supportive environment, the chances that they will learn more, build greater resiliency and develop self confidence, are even higher.

10. No Technology

In the world we live in today, this is almost impossible. Camp provides the perfect opportunity for your kids to get out from behind the screen. With so many activities to try out, kids will never be bored. Getting away from screens benefits kids physical health as well as mental health and growth.

11. Lots of Active Play Time

With how busy kids are these days and the pull of technology, many kids do not get the chance to just play outside. Summer camp offers the opportunity for kids to reconnect with their bodies while making friends and learning new skills all at the same time.

12. Try New Things

Many camps offer different activities for kids to try and experiment with. This opportunity is essential for kids to find what interests them. From archery to cooking to hiking, kids will come out of summer camp with new experiences that they will cherish forever.

Group of kids hiking

The benefits of summer camp for youth are endless. Many of the opportunities they will have will lead to new skills and interests. Building a strong, wide base of activities and experiences for kids help them to be more sure of who they are as they grow. Positive experiences like summer camp establish strong resilience that will go a long way as kids grow. 

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February 12, 2021
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