6 Ways To Be More Generous

Like many young kids, you may remember in elementary school learning about the virtues we should live by; the list of qualities that are deemed ‘morally good’. In the list you may have found qualities such as diligence, patience, kindness, humility and generosity. This time of year, we often hear a little extra about generosity. Generosity is the act of giving widely and bountifully. Since December is the ‘season of giving’ there is no better time to look at some simple ways to be generous this season. 

So now you may be asking, why is generosity important in life? Well, many people have looked into the benefits of generosity. And the great news is, there are SO many! People who are more generous are often happier, more fulfilled and content with their lives. There is something amazing about how giving back to other people makes you feel better about yourself in return. Not only does it make people feel more confident, but you are often even more productive when they are generous. 

Although the holiday season is known for generosity, it is necessary year round! Another amazing benefit of generous giving is the positive impact you can have on other people’s lives. Not only will you reap benefits of your giving, but you never know the effect you can have on someone else. Whether you are bringing a warm meal to a new mom, donating money to your local fire station or spending time at the nursing home down the street, these generous acts can go a long way. 

6 ways to practice generosity

1. Write a positive review for your favorite local restaurant

Acts of generosity don’t always need to be big gifts that cost a lot of money. Oftentimes it is the little things that go a long way. A great way to support local restaurants besides dining with them is to write them great reviews and spread their name. Helping get the word out about a small, local business, especially during COVID-19, can mean the world to a small business owner. We all know when trying new restaurants, seeing 5 star reviews is a game changer. When you like something, post a review! You never know, you may help them stay in business.

2. Offer your expertise 

Whether you are a nurse, therapist, dog groomer or stay at home mom, we all have little (or big!) topics of expertise. It can get draining doing your ‘work’ away from work, but for a friend that you can see really needs the help, it may make their whole week easier. You can help them get over a cold with your professional ‘nurse perfected’ method. You can come over to cut their new puppies nails. No matter how big or small the act, sharing your knowledge with someone in need can make their life so much easier!

3. Find a cause you believe in and donate money"do more, donate"

If you have some money you are looking to donate, find a good cause! There are SO many amazing nonprofits and organizations that are working to better our world. From education for kids to climate change there is bound to be an organization that resonates with you. Many of these organizations run on the generosity of givers like you. 

4. Volunteer your time

Not only is donating money a great way to help, volunteering your time is a great option too! Once you find an organization that you love the mission of, there are so many more ways to support them than just by donating money. By volunteering your time and sharing their name and cause, you can help them thrive. Just reach out and I guarantee they will be thankful for the helping hand!

5. Compliment someone everyday

Compliments can go a lot farther than you may think. From lifting someone’s spirits to admiring good work they have done, compliments rally behind and support people. Compliments just make people feel good! Not only do they make others feel good, but when you receive compliments you often start giving them out as well. 

6. Give blood

Now this may make some people queasy or just stop reading right here, but hear me out… donating blood saves lives. If you don’t mind needles, donating blood is a really easy, generous thing to do. Other than the hour of your day it takes up, there are very few negatives for you as the giver. The blood you donate can be used in a plethora of ways; victims of accidents, people getting transplants, and cancer patients are just a few of the recipients of donor’s blood. Through donating blood you also get a mini check up, they check your pulse and blood pressure and you can learn what your blood type is!

Generosity Changes Lives!Two people volunteer gardening.

The benefits of being generous are innumerable. Not only will it boost your positivity and happiness, but also for the people around you. Throughout the challenging year it has been with COVID-19, generosity has become even more important. With all the struggle and obstacles we are all facing, being generous can go a long way. 

Whether you do something big or small, the impact that a generous act can have on someone else may be life changing. Generosity arguably is one of the most important virtues. It not only impacts your life, but the lives of the people around you. And what better way to share the light this holiday season! During this season of giving, what habits will you start that you can continue throughout the year?

December 9, 2020
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