A Warrior’s Pledge: CarrieAnn Fain Grayson

As part of Phase III, each No Barriers Warriors participant is asked to create a pledge at the end of their expedition. The pledge is an opportunity to work toward a meaningful personal goal and create a lasting connection to the No Barriers community. We hope you are inspired by the stories of how our Warriors Alumni are continuing to move forward and live a No Barriers Life.

CarrieAnn with Log Cabin and NB Flag

What was your Pledge?

Mountains, Strength, Peace.

Mountains — move to the Rocky Mountains and live in a cabin with wifi.
Strength — challenge myself and apply for a mountaineering expedition.
Peace — be happy with who I am.

How did it feel to accomplish your Pledge?

I felt free and scared at the same time when I accomplished my pledge. I had done it: quit my job, sold my house, and moved to the mountains. There was definitely a grieving process that went along with accomplishing my pledge. I was grieving the life I thought I had, was supposed to have, or thought I should have had. I had moved on my own and didn’t have a definite outcome. I had always made the SAFE decision in life where I knew there was security. At the same time, I was living with barriers and not being who I needed to be. The move gave me PEACE with who I was and where I should be. It’s a decision I have been wanting to make for years, but never had the guts to do it.

What are some of the barriers you overcame to accomplish your Pledge?

Feeling stuck in my current life due to limitations I FELT I had. Expectations of others on what my life should be and include. Other people saying I’m running away from things, which in reality I was running TO what I really wanted.

What advice would you give to fellow alumni as they work toward accomplishing their own Pledge?

Set a time limit and don’t let others influence your decisions.


October 6, 2017
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