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In today’s competitive digital marketplace, just having a website isn’t enough. BKMedia Group delivers the ultimate user experience through customized web development and enhanced search exposure.

Founded in 2001, BKMedia Group first opened its doors in the heart of Boulder County in January of 2003. Our focus since then has been melding design with functionality, achieving an ideal product for our clients. We accomplish this by staying up-to-date and ahead of the media curve, remaining accessible, and being aesthetically driven. Our efforts must be working; we have been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Boulder County the last six years running by the Mercury 100.

We help businesses and organizations understand the value of their online presence, and that “just having a website” is not enough to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Our goal is nothing short of delivering the ultimate user experience, customized development, and enhanced search exposure, resulting in increased traffic, increased leads and increased conversions.

We model our primary services around five fundamental principles to digital marketing. Each is dependent upon one another and play an equal role in your online presence.

  1. User Experience – What should users do on your website?
  2. Brand Equity – How can we build an audience for our brand?
  3. Driving Traffic – How do you get people to your website?
  4. Conversions – How do we turn visitors into paying clients?
  5. Reporting – What works and what doesn’t?

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