Mark Matson

Founder & CEO, Matson Money, Inc.

Since he was a young boy, Mark wanted to be just like his father, Joe. Joe built a successful financial planning practice and helped many people plan and save for a healthy retirement. After Graduating from Miami University at Oxford, Ohio in 1986 with degrees in both Finance and Accounting, Mark joined his Dad’s financial practice ready to provide his clients with the same confidence and success that he had seen his father deliver.

In just four short years as a financial planner, Mark built over $30 million in assets under management using top-rated mutual fund managers. Although his clients were happy and successful, he never felt that the four-star managers that he recommended lived up to their hype and the expectations that came along with it. Mark knew there had to be a better way to help his clients grow their wealth without the disappointment that came along with the “hot” managers and mutual funds.

Mark’s first step toward improving the way he helped his clients, was to change the way he did business by becoming a fee-only money manager and establishing his own company in 1991 as Matrix Asset Allocation, Inc. With Matrix as the vehicle to provide the best investment solutions available Mark was able to continue his quest for an investment approach that would not only get the job done, but provide the confidence and peace of mind that he thought his clients deserved.
The turning point came for Mark when he attended a debate on “active vs. passive” management between Rex Sinquefield and Donald Yacktman at a Schwab Institutional conference in 1992. To put it simply, the argument for “passive” investing strategies spoke to the core of Mark’s beliefs about capitalism, free markets, and how the world works… and it directly translated to how he believed he could give his clients the best investment solutions available in the world.

Compelled by his conviction, Mark immersed himself in learning and understanding all of the principles and research that supported Mr. Sinquefield’s passive investing philosophy. What he found was the Nobel Prize-winning research of Merton Miller, Harry Markowitz, and William Sharpe, and the groundbreaking research of Eugene Fama and Kenneth French from the University of Chicago. All of these notable academics from the world of finance and economics were speaking Mark’s language, and they had historical data to back it all up… this was Mark’s answer.

Mark used his unique skill of combining complex subject matter into everyday application to create the synthesis of the academic information into Free Market Portfolio Theory. This investment approach is the compilation of academic principle into solid investment strategy that can be implemented by the everyday investor. Saving investors from the misguided advice of the media and Wall Street pundits has become Mark’s driving motivator.

Mark is the founder and CEO of Matson Money, Inc., a Cincinnati-based investment advisor firm managing over $5.9 billion (as of 11-JAN-2015) for investors nationwide. With over twenty years of experience in the financial industry, his success in business can be attributed to a unique talent for bringing together complex investing issues and solid, down-to-earth values that make sense to people on a gut level.

Mark has coached hundreds of financial professionals across the country to implement the Free Market Portfolio investment strategy, and in turn, helped thousands of investors nationwide to take a more prudent, long-term approach to investing and growing their wealth. As a dynamic public speaker, Mark has shared his message of free markets and global investing with thousands of people throughout the country. His direct approach, passion, and enthusiasm make him both a compelling speaker and a fierce proponent of free markets.

Mark is a regular contributor in the national media, both in print and on television. His optimistic outlook on finance, investing and economic issues makes him a frequently sought expert on CNBC, Fox Business News, and publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Investment News. Mark has also written for and been referenced in USA Today, Financial Services Advisor, Advisor Today, Personal Financial Planning Monthly,,, The Business Courier, and USA Today. He has written books: (Flashpoint: Mastering the Art of Economic Abundance, The Dirty, Filthy Lies My Broker Told Me, 101 Truths About Money & Investing, Confessions of a Commission Junkie, and 101 Ways to Kill Your Competition with In-Your-Face Marketing), educational materials, produced movies (How the Really Smart Money Invests, Navigating the Fog of Investing, Investing Academic All-Stars) and numerous presentations to share the message of Free Market investing. Mark also hosts Matson Money Live! a weekly live web show about investing, economics, and current events.

Mark is the proud husband of Melissa and father to their seven children. He is an avid cyclist and trains constantly for challenging races.


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