Brian Mech

President and CEO, eSight Corporation

Dr. Brian Mech has spent over 18 years in the ophthalmology and low vision space, and has dedicated his career to mitigating the impact of visual impairment by restoring vision. Brian joined eSight in April of 2015 after a 16 year career at Second Sight Medical Products, makers of the artificial retinal, Argus II. Today, Brian’s high standards and relentless pursuit for perfection have been instrumental in the development, commercialization and overall success of what is a breakthrough, cutting-edge product: electronic glasses that enable the blind to see. Brian has demonstrated a phenomenal ability to combine his scientific background and deep understanding of medical technologies, with creativity and intuition, to deliver eSight to the market. Brian cares deeply about changing the lives of those living with legal blindness, and will do absolutely anything it takes to achieve and, in most cases, surpass his goals, in pursuit of this virtuous mission.

eSight is an amazing technological breakthrough – electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see. More specifically, this breakthrough product is a unique wearable medical device that enhances the functional vision of a person who has low vision or is legally blind. Most importantly, eSight requires no surgery. eSight was founded on the belief that Everyone Deserves To See. It is in commitment to this mission that the organization has been able to transform the lives of legally blind individuals who, with eSight, can now see.



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