Brian Ophus

Bemidji, Minnesota - US ARMY

Brian Ophus has been in the US Army National Guard since 2001 when he joined as an Infantryman with the Minnesota National Guard. Over his time in service, Brian served in multiple roles in his different deployments. He served as a rifleman and Humvee driver for his first deployment to Bosnia, and as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle gunner and commander during his deployment to Iraq.

As a civilian, Brian works for the Beltrami County Health and Human Services, as a Program Manager for the Economic Assistance Division’s Workforce Impact program. He and his team provide case management to families that are on public assistance and help them to gain the knowledge, skills, and support in order to find and sustain gainful employment and become financially stable.

Through this expedition, he hopes to learn different coping skills from a diverse group of people. Brian believes that when strangers face challenges together, everyone involved learns something new. He hopes to take the skills he learns on this expedition to help him better serve the people of his community as they tackle the challenges they face every day.


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