Christy Hartman

No Barriers Office Manager

When Christy was 8, her family moved to England, much to her chagrin. Still, things all worked out and by the time they moved back to the States, she had settled in to British life, picked up an English accent (now gone), and been lucky enough to see a great deal of Europe before she was 12. Her family valued travel and moved quite a bit, allowing for extensive domestic vacations. In college, she participated in the Institute for Shipboard Education’s Semester at Sea program, travelling around the world in 100 days and stopping at 10 ports. Having had the opportunity to see so many places and diverse cultures at a young age instilled a curiosity and sense of adventure that Christy sees as important for people of all ages and abilities.

Christy received a BA in Political Science, with concentrations in Anthropology and Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since then she has trekked the halls of Capitol Hill, traversed the waters of association management, tackled mountains of magazine editing, and most recently is navigating the tricky maze of raising two kids. After living in Washington, D.C., for almost 20 years, she is happy to have returned to Colorado. She lives in Fort Collins with her husband and daughters, Kate and Caroline.

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