Cindy Bean

Chief Development Officer, No Barriers

Cindy comes to No Barriers with 25 years of Development and Field Operations experience, most recently from the National MS Society, a $225M per year voluntary health organization based in NYC.

Cindy and her husband of 35 years are longtime residents of Fort Collins, Colorado, where they enjoy the mountains, the blue skies and all four seasons. Blake and Cindy have two daughters and seven grandchildren. Their oldest daughter, Jasmine, and 2-year-old granddaughter, Isobelle, are stationed at Fort Hood, where they await the safe return of their husband/dad, Jake, who is a captain in the U.S. Army, serving in Afghanistan. Their younger daughter Cassie, her husband Shawn and their six children are stationed in El Paso, Texas, at Fort Bliss. Jake and Shawn have dedicated their lives to the U.S. military and have each deployed several times in the past few years. Their commitment and the sacrifices they and their families make are part of what inspired Cindy to give back through the Soldiers to Summits program at No Barriers.

Cindy is a graduate of Colorado State University with a B.A. in Technical Journalism and Public Relations. When not working, Cindy can either be found visiting kids and grandkids, enjoying time with Blake in their peaceful home in the foothills of Colorado, or walking, hiking and swimming somewhere nearby. They both love to travel and believe that peace comes through understanding that we are all one people.


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