Colin Sternagel

Expedition Leader, No Barriers Warriors

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Colin has been an outdoor enthusiast his whole life.

Out of high school, Colin joined the USCG reserve and was stationed in Bellingham, WA. He graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Outdoor Recreation. While attending college and serving at the station he worked for the local dive shop and became a dive master. He also spent his summers as a whitewater raft guide on single- and multi-day expeditions.

Going long durations between drills, Colin would take quarters off of school to travel through Africa and Europe and work on a research vessel in the Chukchi Sea. 5 years of reserve was enough service and Colin switched to IRR and went on a one-way journey through Mongolia where he lived and worked for 7 months.

He now has a small business importing Mongolian yurts. His love for the sea and outdoors has only grown into a lifelong passion; he loves floating down rivers, going on expeditions with No Barriers, and is a licensed captain in the San Juan Islands where he teaches bareboat sail chartering.

He lives in one of his Mongolian yurts on 5 acres of land outside of Leavenworth, WA with his wife and little white dog. He is working to restore his piece of land into a permaculture farm.


  • WFR
  • CPR


Expedition Leaders, Warriors

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