Didrik Johnck

Senior Content Producer, No Barriers Marketing

As a pioneer in the world of online media, Didrik Johnck has been creating award winning content for almost two decades. He’s worn many hats from Director to Producer, Cinematographer to Photographer. With a Geography degree and a passion for storytelling and photography, he thought the best way to jumpstart his career was to take nothing but a camera and a backpack and traverse the planet… seeing… doing… being…

Since those vagabond days, Didrik evolved his career into creating media driven, immersive experiences and programming for online and broadcast audiences. He’s a hands-on type covering over 125 productions with 450+ webisodes. The subject matter of his work spans Himalayan climbing expeditions (one of which took him to the top of Mt. Everest), adventure travel programming, music videos, live streaming concerts, underground subcultures, automobile and political programs, PBS documentaries, the first online US presidential debate, and the first online only interview with a sitting US president.

Didrik discovered the No Barriers community over a decade ago and drew inspiration for many of his own endeavors in the process. As the parallels between his own life values that of the No Barriers’ mission became apparent, he jumped at an opportunity to commit to an organization and manifest his desire to “unleash the potential of the human spirit” in others and perhaps even himself.


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