Donald Powell

Concord, California - US MARINE CORPS

Don Powell served in the US Marine Corps. He deployed many times over his 21 yrs in service, including to Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Now retired from the military, Don worked as a Recreation Aquatics Manager before beginning his studies in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Management. He now has his Graduate degree in Sports Management. Don likes to stay busy by working part-time as a Sports EMT for athletic events, volunteering for the American Red Cross. He looks forward to participating in this program as an opportunity to challenge himself in the outdoors with his fellow veterans. He finds that he misses the camaraderie of military-minded people.

Through this expedition, Don hopes to clear his head of the everyday influx of social media and television, and to immerse himself in natural challenges. He hopes to be surrounded by individuals who can “get with the program” and to think as a team member. He looks forward to learning about other people and hearing how they are coping out of the military.


CoBank 7/12 Expedition, Warriors

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