Dorothy Beal

Runner / Body Positive Activist

Dorothy Beal is a runner, writer and a body positive activist who believes that runners come in all shapes and sizes and that if you run, you have a runner’s body. Founder of the I Run This Body brand and the creator of the #ihavearunnersbody and #irunthisbody movements, she is passionate about self love.

Dorothy first gained popularity when she was featured in the Saucony Find Your Strong Campaign. Her writing can be found on Active, Well + Good, Women’s Running, Competitor and her personal blog, She has been featured online in Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Huffington Post, Active, Yahoo, Allure, Shape, Health, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, Refinery29, Greatist and Dr. Oz.


Dorothy will be speaking on the “Women’s Roundtable Panel” during Session #2 of Friday’s Women’s Track activities.

What is your vision? Join a panel of inspiring women that will help you discover your purpose, hone in on your vision, and lead a fulfilling life. DOROTHY BEAL

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As a marathon runner Dorothy believes movement has the power to transform your life and that one of the biggest barriers that can hold us back is our own mind. She aims to encourage as many people as possible to get and stay active.

Otherwise known online as MilePosts she shares her journey as a mother, runner and self love advocate on her various social media channels. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband Eric and their three children, Chloe, Miles and Colton.



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