Drake Carpenter & Will Pickard

SAM Car Race Team

Drake Carpenter is the marketing and logistics lead on the 2017 Arrow SAM Project. He has been with Arrow for a year, and has helped the SAM team complete driving demonstrations at Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, Sonoma Grand Prix, filming for Jay Leno’s Garage, and most recently was the co-driver for Mario Andretti in the Arrow SAM car head-to-head race against Sam Schmidt.

Prior to working at Arrow, Drake served in the United States Army Infantry as a squad leader in the 3d Infantry Regiment’s Presidential Salute Battery. Drake believes heavily in giving back to his community and serves on the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Young Professionals Committee and the Coors Western Art Young Guns Committee. He is especially honored to have the opportunity to volunteer his time at different veteran’s events around the Denver Metro Area.

Will Pickard
SAM Car Race Team

Will Pickard photoApplications Engineer (Mad Scientist… minus the science)

Will joined Arrow’s Engineering Solutions Center in the summer of 2014 as a microcontroller and sensing specialist.

Will was offered a position on the SAM Car team soon after joining the ESC and was brought on as a sensing specialist and overall System Architect in charge of the Human to Machine Interface (HMI) for SAM Car 2.0. Will is now Engineering Project Manager for the SAM Car Project.

In his spare time, Will volunteers his time at the St. Francis Center shelter in downtown Denver. He also volunteers as a programming instructor for the Kent Denver Middle and High School robotics team.



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