Eddy Sang

Westminster, Colorado - U.S. MARINE CORPS

Eddy Sang enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 2001 and served for five years as a Motor Transport Mechanic. After separating from service in 2006, Eddy decided to direct his focus to being the best father and husband he could be.

Eddy’s time in the military made it clear to him that you cannot do anything by yourself, so he knew he needed to reach out to others in his community in order to begin his healing journey. He moved to Colorado with his family and has been enjoying folding the outdoors into his life in a more concrete way. Through this expedition, Eddy hopes to combine his love of the outdoors with a community of veterans. He hopes to build friendships through this expedition and to bond with people who have had similar experiences as him. He hopes that by sharing his own healing journey, he can assist others with their process.


Prudential Expedition, Participants, Warriors

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