Guadalupe Hernandez

Missouri City, Texas - US MARINE CORPS

Guadalupe Hernandez served in the Marine Corps as a Marine Security Guard (MSG). One of the most prestigious programs to attend—she was one of only three women in her graduating class of 80 . As MSG, she was sent to Nigeria, where she was stationed when the 9/11 attacks occurred. While there, Guadalupe experienced many demonstrations and bomb threats to the US Embassy/Consulate. Though she was proud to serve, Guadalupe struggled with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts as time went on. The military, which had initially offered her a chance to reach beyond her life circumstances, brought bigger challenges of its own, which eventually led her to retire from the Marines.

After separating, Guadalupe worked hard to receive her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice in only two and half years, averaging seven classes per semester while also caring for her newborn daughter. Her strong warrior spirit pushed her to reach for her goals, but she still found herself struggling with depression, a struggle which led to missed job opportunities, struggles at home, and homelessness. Guadalupe refuses to quit, however! She now works as a case manager for the Harris County Veteran Treatment Court and she loves her job. She knows that she has much to look forward to despite her struggles and relishes the opportunity to continue developing skills to tackle all of life’s challenges. She is excited to hear other veteran’s stories, and to tell her own, so that they might grow together.

Guadalupe is an alumna of the Colorado 7-Day Expedition that took place September 21-28, 2018.


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