Heather Eastlack

Colorado Springs, Colorado - US AIR FORCE

Heather Eastlack served 20 years in the US Air Force as an aircraft maintenance officer. She also served as an acquisition/engineering officer in support of numerous programs, including space operations, satellite acquisitions, rocket engineering, and WMD defense technologies. She deployed in support of Kosovo Operations and US Central Command.

In her civilian life, Heather and her husband have been married for 16 years. They met through their common love of the outdoors and bonded over their shared time in the service. Through this expedition, Heather hopes to build better relationships with her peers. A self-defined introvert, she tends to be uncomfortable in large groups of strangers. Heather hopes that she will be able to combine her love of the outdoors and the support of her fellow veterans, to be better able to grow in her social interactions.

Heather is an alumna of the 5-Day Basecamp Expedition in State Forest State Park that took place on August 2-6, 2019.


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