Heather Zoccali

Program Director/Founder Caregivers Program


Heather Zoccali is a Program Director and Founder of the Caregivers Program, whose mission is to encourage and provide tools for critical and often-forgotten self-care, and individual empowerment.

Heather has been recognized by the state of CO for her pioneering work for family caregivers, CSU as a Hometown Hero, nominated as a visionary caregiver, and top caregiver program by caregiving.com.

Heather’s true magic comes from her ability to bring authenticity, humor, passion, and vulnerability, discussing sharing deeply personal stories of caregiving and the brutally beautiful moments in life.

Heather’s the kind of speaker where the listener will move through a range of emotions from tears to laughter and back again. using . Heather continues to use her personal story and voice to raise awareness for family caregivers and people living with disabilities through speaking, writing and facilitating with No Barriers and her Beautiful Beautiful LLC business platform.




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