Holly Siget

Henrietta, New York - US ARMY, US NAVY

Holly Siget is a 16-year veteran of both the US Navy and US Army. While in the Navy, she worked on the flight line as a mechanic for UH-3H Sea Hawk Helicopters. She separated from service after her initial tour, but she couldn’t stay away from the military life. She joined the Army after just an 18-month break in service. During her time in service, Holly deployed to Kosovo, Nicaragua, and Iraq, as well as on several humanitarian support missions.

In her civilian life, Holly has her Masters in Psychology, with a focused in Applied Behavior Analysis. She hopes to continue her studies to receive her Doctorate. Holly has five children and one grandchild, who act as her daily inspiration for her career path. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, kayaking, hiking, running, and riding her motorcycle. She looks forward to participating in this program in order to continue to challenge herself. Holly knows that the challenge, and how she accepts those challenges, are key elements on her path to healing.


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