Jeff Marcinkowski

Whitehall, Michigan - US COAST GUARD, US NAVY

Jeff Marcinkowski began his military career in 1975, joining through the US Navy’s delayed entry program. Jeff then joined the US Coast Guard and served an additional 24 years out of a variety of bases on Lake Michigan. The Coast Guard helped him to find his groove in Search and Rescue, plus he trained as Boat Crew, Engineer, Boarding Team, Ice Rescue and Boarding Officer. Jeff separated from service in 2009. He still relishes every moment of his military career.

Through this expedition, Jeff hopes to accomplish something he never has before and create a new “life event” which will propel him forward through this next stage of his life. He hopes that by creating a defining experience, he can push himself beyond his current perceived physical and mental restraints to empower himself, and to help motivate others.


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