Jen Owen

Founder of e-NABLE

Jen Owen is the founder and owner of, a website dedicated to sharing the open-source designs and stories from a global community of volunteers who are creating free 3D printed hands and arms for those who were born missing fingers or who have lost them due to war, accident, natural disaster or disease.

She is extremely passionate about using her skills and artistry to communicate meaningful stories and create a positive impact in the lives of others. Her philanthropic focus involved helping to found and collaboratively lead e-NABLE, a global movement of makers and digital humanitarians who strive to increase the accessibility of prosthetic hands for children and introduce 3D printing technology and curriculums into STEM based learning environments around the world.


Jen will be speaking on the “No Barriers Life Panel” during Session #2 of Friday’s elective activities.

This panel will focus on the innovations that make barriers a thing of the past. Join innovators who are creating outstanding technology and creating new ways of doing things to simplify lives each and every day.

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Jen’s presentations are inspirational, personal and from the heart. Her examples of making a difference in the world leave audience members inspired and encouraged to use their ideas and imaginations to create collaborative programs in their own communities and start making a difference as well.

She is an internationally recognized blog author, photographer, storyteller, graphic designer and philanthropist from Washington State.



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