Josh Beecher

Expedition Leader, No Barriers Youth

Josh Beecher is an avid explorer, outdoor adventure photographer, and whitewater rafting guide in northern Colorado. His love for the outdoors sprouted in his home state of Alaska through many camping and hiking trips with his family. Josh moved to England when he was nine and attended an international school, where he learned the importance of cultural awareness and caught the travel bug. After spending most of his formative years skateboarding around the streets of London, Josh returned to the U.S. to graduate high school. He then moved to Florida and got his bachelor’s degree in film from Full Sail University.

With his passion for capturing extreme sports on film and his love for travel and the outdoors, it is no wonder that he turned these passions into his career. Josh is now a professional photographer and has been featured in multiple magazines such as Hawaii Magazine and Climbing Magazine. He’s also contributed work to numerous online publications, including National Geographic Adventure and Reel Rock. Josh has written and taught photography curriculum for educational travel companies as well as Missouri State University. Sharing his knowledge of how to use storytelling through photography for social change is his main focus as a photography instructor.

As an expedition leader for No Barriers, Josh loves to apply his knowledge as a Travel Medicine & Wilderness First Responder to keep participants safe. In addition to WFR, Josh is also certified in avalanche safety and whitewater raft guiding, and he continues to obtain more certifications in outdoor and adventure skills.

Josh is currently on a yearlong road trip with his fiancée exploring the United States, creating and selling photography, and living the true “No Barriers Lifestyle.”


Expedition Leaders, Youth

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