Julie Fast

Program Manager, No Barriers Youth

Have you ever looked up at the stars in a new country with new friends and thought, “The world is infinitely vast and beautiful?” Creating opportunities like that for young people is what JFast strives for on each international trip she guides. She hopes that each No Barrier Youth student gets to fully seek adventure, test their mettle, and find themselves in a new global context while creating lasting friendships. JFast started guiding as an 18 year old in Colorado with backpacking, mountain biking and rafting trips close to home. After being a participant on a life changing homestay in Costa Rica, she started leading trips abroad in 2008. Since then JFast has served for 3.5 years in the Peace Corps and has guided in more than 5 countries. When not facilitating wonder, JFast calls Fort Collins home, spending her days teaching and working as a licensed massage therapist.


Expedition Leaders, Staff, Youth

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