Kelly McGrath

Expedition Leader, No Barriers Youth

Find love in chaos. This was a message Kelly heard from a student while rafting through the Grand Canyon. One of the beautiful aspects of working with all different populations is the opportunity to learn and grow from these experiences. While she doesn’t exactly seek chaos, Kelly has learned to find the beauty in challenging situations and turn them into a positive learning experience. Whether it is rowing a boat on a 16 day Grand Canyon River trip or climbing a mountain she is ready for whatever is waiting for her. Kelly believes that having the opportunity to share and lead people through these experiences is a true gift and honor. She strives to understand who people are as individuals and help provide a safe environment both emotionally and physically that best supports their needs as they grow.

Anyone who has spent time with Kelly recognizes she is all about integrity, compassion, fun, sincerity, and hard work. She believes in taking chances, stepping outside of her comfy place and most importantly following her heart. Running rivers and climbing mountains with people from all walks of life has allowed her to do this. By following her passions she hopes to inspire others,encouraging all to do there best and with a smile!


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