Kristan Seaford

Motivational speaker, blogger, and writer

Kristan was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, has a bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology with a minor in Marketing from Duke University. She continued her education receiving her master’s degree in Counselor Education from Wake Forest University as well as a NC License in Professional Counseling (LPC). Her practice focused on individuals, groups, and families suffering through anxiety, depression, eating disorders, abuse, divorce, and other life transitions. Around 2002, Kristan took a break from professional counseling to be a stay-at-home mom, with their family ultimately growing to include five children.

In Fall of 2013, Kristan was 38-years-old with five young children, and had so far managed to avoid the bugs that her kids had been passing around like balls. She liked to think that her flu shot and her cardiovascular health were providing her a protective shield – she was an avid runner and taught classes in weight training and athletic conditioning.

However, Kristan’s life screeched to a halt and then veered in a new direction when catastrophic illness struck. What began as the flu and strep throat turned into pneumonia and life-threatening septic shock. After 100 days, a medically-induced coma, six hospitals, and a miracle; she survived. However, the powerful treatments and medications that saved her life also changed it forever.

Today she lives as a quadruple amputee (her one remaining foot is missing the toes and heel).

Always a fighter but truly challenged by her new life, Kristan rediscovered her purpose and passion for living at the 2017 No Barriers Summit.

Since then, Kristan has returned to her passion – providing a place and a space for people to share their thoughts, feelings, dreams, challenges, and worries (their selves), opening her own private counseling practice, Kristan Seaford, LPC, PLCC in Matthews, North Carolina.

She’s also parenting her five children, driving them to all their various activities and volunteering at their schools, and even teaching group exercise classes again at the YMCA. She has also become a motivational and faith-building speaker (for No Barriers and others), a blogger, and writer.


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