Laura Baldwin

Marketing Manager, No Barriers Marketing

As a marketing manager for No Barriers, Laura’s primary focus is to reach every person on the planet, inspire them with the organization’s mission, motivate them to take action, and ultimately change the world. A couple times a year she also has to clean the kitchen.

Laura was proud to join No Barriers in the fall of 2016, recognizing the indisputable value of the organization’s programs and the need to help underserved populations. She’s seen firsthand the truth in the statement that “what’s inside you is stronger than what’s in your way.”

Once upon a time, Laura found herself flat broke and on the wrong side of divine intervention. Thanks to her community (that tribe of friends, family, neighbors, and generous strangers we never get to meet) she graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in English and kicked off her professional career as a copywriter for a marketing agency, all in just 3 years time, and all while raising a handsome little baby boy (who is now busy conquering the fourth grade and plotting his takeover of the Lego corporation).

Now, it’s her turn to pay it forward. So her plan is simple: be a catalyst for change; help someone discover anything is possible; and be an amplifier of positivity in a noisy environment.

Outside of No Barriers, Laura is passionate about environmental conservation and competing for the world record of slowest artist alive. Her natural habitats are dive bars and inside the pages of any Edward Abbey novel.

A decade ago, she spent a grand total of 100 days, every penny she had, and countless hours of pure joy on an impromptu backpacking trip across Europe. She learned more about humanity and life in those 100 days crossing borders, learning languages, tasting foods, and visiting history. She also learned you can never pack enough socks. Seriously.

Laura’s philosophy on life couldn’t be said any better than in these wise words of Sturgill Simpson:

“The only word you’ll ever need to know in life is ‘why’ — Keep your head out of the clouds and remember to be kind. Just stay in school, stay off the drugs, and keep between the lines.”

You know … don’t sweat the small stuff.


Marketing, Staff

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