Leslie Ross

Dickinson, North Dakota - US AIR FORCE, US NATIONAL GUARD

Leslie Ross served in both the US Air Force and the US National Guard. During her time in service, she served in a variety of capacities including working on the flight line, working to troubleshoot and repair the aircraft as well as on a calibration dock for forward-looking radar. She retired in 2003.

Leslie, her wife, and their two sons are very active in their local community. They believe in supporting and giving back to the community—Leslie served in the school board for 12 years and currently serves on the Dickinson Public School Foundation Board. She is also a member of a local philanthropic organization known as Power of 100 Women.

Participation in this expedition would place Leslie directly in a team environment. Her civilian life leaves something to be desired, as she finds that there isn’t the connection one feels when veterans get together. Leslie looks forward to the special way that veterans have of elevating each other through that bond of brother and sisterhood that you can’t get anywhere else. She looks forward to the challenge the expedition represents and to finding new ways of overcoming obstacles.


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