Lindsey Erdmann

Minnetonka, Minnesota - US MARINE CORPS

Lindsey Erdmann served in the United States Marine Corps for four years as a Supply Administrator and Operations Specialist. Her missions included deployment as part of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit to support operations across Europe, the Mid-East, and Africa.

After she separated from service, Lindsey used her G.I. Bill to go to college, graduating cum laude with an undergraduate degree in Social Work. Today, she works as a licensed social worker, serving community members living with serious and persistent mental illness. She also advocates for the awareness and inclusion of female veterans through participation in veteran organizations, organizing storytelling events, and being a member on advisory boards.

Through this expedition, Lindsey hopes to expand her veteran community, heal in nature, and challenge herself physically and mentally. She is attracted to this No Barriers Warriors Program because it offers the physical and mental challenge of completing strenuous activities in a healing setting. She hopes to use the time on the expedition to re-center herself and replenish her tank of motivation and self-compassion so that she can be an even better advocate within her community.


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