Mark Goffeney

Big Toe Music

Mark Goffeney is a native San Diegan whose talent and ambition have helped him to achieve ongoing success as a performer, speaker and television personality. Mark has been recognized for his work internationally and was nominated for an Emmy Award for his principle role in the Fox commercial, “Feet”.

Born without arms, Mark was raised to see himself as an equal in society and to value independence. With these values instilled, Mark was soon noticed by several local service organizations and by 1973 he had become a child spokesperson and principal fundraiser for Variety Clubs of America and The March of Dimes. For the next decade Mark hosted nearly 100 telethons working side by side with many celebrities including hosts Monty Hall, Kathy Lee Gifford, Glenn Campbell and many others. Mark has also been featured in a number of Public Service Services with such personalities as Magic Johnson, Roger Staubach, and Henry Winkler. By 1981 Mark was credited for having been instrumental in raising over six million dollars for children’s charities.

Coming from a musical family, Mark remembers being deeply touched by music at a very early age. By age nine Mark was attempting to create his own music but picking an instrument was an overwhelming challenge. After a brief try at the trombone, Mark’s dad brought home an abandoned guitar that he had found on a jobsite. With the support of a neighbor, a professional guitar player, Mark adapted well to playing the instrument. As this guitar had only four strings, he was actually learning to play the bass at the same time. Mark’s technique included putting the guitar on the floor, finding an object to support the neck, strumming with his left foot and holding the cords with his right foot.

By early adulthood Mark was committed to a full-fledged career in music. Having mastered his unique style of playing, Mark has since established himself with several professional musical groups. Mark also has a gift to present concerts of easy-listening and vocal renditions. He can be heard on his CD, “Big Toe” which was produced by Steve Dudas, known for his work with Ozzy Osborne and Aerosmith. He has also traveled the world with his music and was the principle opening performer for a recent tour through Germany with Leann Rimes.

Mark is the single dad to three teenage children which in itself adds an interesting chapter to his life. Mark has combined his life experiences with his music to present an entertaining collegiate, government and corporate program.



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