Megan Lee

Website & Email Marketing Specialist

Megan Lee is an international educator, traveler, and writer. Her #1 professional goal? Learn how to better serve those in pursuit of self-development through immersive education experiences.

She likes to joke that she majored in study abroad in college, where she also spent her summers volunteering at the children’s library and singing really loudly as a camp counselor. With her Mandarin and Economics degree in tow, she bypassed the “real world” for a multi-year stint in China after graduating from Valparaiso University in 2010.

Once she’d had her fill of dumplings and noodles (just kidding, that’s not even possible), she moved back across the Pacific to the Bay Area to work with a travel education start up. There, she earned her chops as a writer and digital marketer, but couldn’t keep from daydreaming of meaningful travel.

She bid adieu to the Golden Gate Bridge, squeezed her belongings into a backpack, and hit the road with Carpe Diem Education as an Overseas Educator. Her program leadership took her to the South Pacific, Asia, and East Africa, where she worked in collaboration with dozens of grassroots organizations to guide students to dig deep and find their inner purpose.

You can read Megan’s work online in publications like USA Today, US News and World Report,, and more. When not typing furiously on her laptop in fussy coffee shops, Megan can be found riding her bicycle around Fort Collins, enjoying the sunshine and lack of humidity.

It is her chief belief that traveling has the potential to unleash positive impacts on the world; however, traveling alone doesn’t do the trick—it takes conscious, concerted effort, sensitivity, humble curiosity… and a great facilitator! Her shared values with No Barriers drew Megan to the organization, where she’s thrilled to continue spreading the good word of transformative learning experiences.


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