Mike May

Mike May has been a pioneer in new product and business development since 1980. He has a Masters’ degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He worked for the Central Intelligence Agency as a Political Risk Analyst, for the Bank of California in automating wire transfers and cash machines and for TRW starting a new business area. Mike’s start-up ventures have included developing the world’s first and only Laser Turntable, inventing a portable heating cushion for sports and medical applications and starting 2 companies in adaptive technology including Sendero Group in 1999, which released the first ever accessible GPS for the blind. Vice-President Gore said at the White House in 1996, “it won’t be long before we see Mike and others wearing GPS devices on their wrists.”

Mike has met 4 Presidents including President Obama and several of his cabinet members to discuss national initiatives on adaptive technology.

Mike was a member of the White House delegation to the 2010 Paralympics and has been inducted into the US Association of the Blind Hall of Fame. A book based on Mike May’s life, Crashing Through, by bestselling author, Robert Kurson, was released in May 2007 and a major movie by Stone Village Pictures is in the works.



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