Mitch Moffett

Retired Corporate Executive

Mitch Moffett is a recently retired corporate executive with over 35 years of technical sales, marketing, and organizational experience. Mitch has a passion for building successful teams and helping individuals exceed their goals.

Mitch has a successful leadership track record in a variety of complex corporate settings. Prior to retirement and since 2003, Mitch was the Vice President of Healthcare for Kronos (now UKG). During that time, Mitch helped grow that business significantly. However, more importantly, through Kronos’ solutions, Mitch and his team helped provide tools for caregivers to provide high quality care.

Prior to joining Kronos, Mitch was the Vice President of Sales for LogicBay, a leading provider of enterprise e-learning solutions overseeing marketing, sales, and operations. Previously, he served as Vice President for IBM’s Learning Systems division. Mitch was also Director of Sales at Egghead Software where he led business development, marketing, and customer service operations.

Mitch is a graduate of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, where he received degrees in International Business and Marketing.


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