Nancy Harvey

Regional Development Manager, Asheville

Nancy Harvey comes to No Barriers with 15 + years in business development & community outreach with over 5 years in non-profit fundraising. Nancy was drawn to the non-profit world when she became a member of her local Rotary Club, an international service club with 1.2 million members worldwide. Nancy was active with youth programs and had a life-changing experience as a camp counselor at a leadership camp for juniors in high school. Right before her eyes, Nancy saw shy, introverted students leave the camp with new-found confidence and positive spirits. Remembering her time at the youth camp is what first drew her to No Barriers and the belief that “What’s Within You is Stronger than What’s in Your Way.”  Nancy is excited to work for an organization that helps people find their greatest potential and help them give their best to the world.

Born and raised in Southern California, Nancy has lived all over the country including Florida, Texas, and Washington, DC. Nancy holds a B.A. in history from University of California, Irvine and a M.A. in International Policy Studies from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Nancy loves spending time with her husband, Bill, and her daughter, Claire. Claire is a gifted visual artist who Nancy believes you will see someday designing costumes for Hollywood or animated characters for the movies (yes, Nancy may be a bit biased.) Nancy also enjoys reading, crocheting, and making jewelry.


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