Nick Demeris

Writer, Composer, Actor

Nick Demeris is a two-time TEDx participant (speaker and host), actor, singer, facilitator, Jedi-in-training and instigator of spontaneous joy, turning audiences into orchestras and offices into innovation labs around the globe.

For the past ten years, Nick has been a dedicated student of Hatha Yoga and for the past five years he has studied Eastern philosophy, traveling to India, Nepal and Mexico to meet and practice with today’s foremost meditation masters. After meeting these don dual philosophical practices, he was able trace a clear outline from where George Lucas drew the practices and ethos of the Jedi order. Eager to share this transformational way of life, so clearly embodied by his great Jedi heroes, Nick has developed the workshop “How to Be a Jedi.” In this year alone, Nick has traveled to Thailand and China to teach this methodology to over 700 Chinese students and entrepreneurs.

Nick has performed and taught workshops in fourteen countries on five continents, working with universities, non-profits, and global organizations to foster a culture of trust, generosity, open communication, collaboration, and creativity through his original workshops (How to Be a Jedi, the Serious Business of Play, Human Instruments, Hip Hop & Shakespeare) and has developed content (commercials, songs and scripts) for organizations, brands, and universities that include: Carnegie Hall, Target, TEDx, Ogilvy & Mather, Spotify, the House of Yes, the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Guild Mortgage,, Ecstatic Dance NYC, Accept Email, the Big Quiet, 100kin10, the University of Chicago, University of Minnesota, Illinois State University, Love the 88, Esalen Institute, the Omega Institute, Climate Con, Sydney Children’s Hospital (Australia), and Sesame Street.

Nick is also in his fourth year as a singer and teaching artist at Carnegie Hall in New York City, where he works with orchestras, choirs, aspiring artists, and young people in the juvenile justice system to sing, write, and play improvised and original music. He developed and performed the title character in the world premiere opera (at Carnegie Hall), OTOYOTOY.



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