Rachael Martel

Warriors Engagement Coordinator

Rachael grew up in the Midwest, spending all of her free time exploring outside. In the summers, you could find her fishing at the creek, collecting lightning bugs, building forts, and playing survivor in her backyard. Though she lived in a small town, she rarely found herself bored.

All that changed when, at the age of ten, Rachael boarded a plane in her home state of Iowa and flew alone to Los Angeles, California to visit family. The entire experience was life altering, and when she returned home to Iowa her sense of adventure and determination to explore had grown tremendously. This was evident when, at the age of 12, she and a friend packed their backpacks full of snacks and rode their bikes to a town 35 miles away to visit her Grandma.

After graduating from high school, Rachael’s determination to travel led her to enlisting in the Air Force, where she served as a crewmember on a cargo plane. She traveled around the world fulfilling her dreams, while simultaneously gaining a new perspective that continues to ignite her curiosity.

Four years later, she left Active Duty behind, joined the Air National Guard, and pursued a Bachelor’s in International Studies with minors in Arabic and International Development at Colorado State University. She returned to the Middle East to study Arabic in Amman, Jordan and visited a few neighboring countries to deepen her understanding of the social, political, and economic situation on the ground.

Today, Rachael works as the Warrior’s Engagement Coordinator at No Barriers, as well as owns and operates a mobile coffee business in Fort Collins. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, music, art, and embarking on new adventures outdoors.


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