Rodney Brown

Fort Worth, Texas - US ARMY

Rodney Brown served in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout. As a scout, he and his team performed reconnaissance patrols to gather intel on the enemy. During his time in service deployed to Iraq as part of the Gulf War and was active for all three campaigns: Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Provide Comfort.

After separating from the military, Rodney obtained his associate’s degree and not works in the telecommunications industry. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his wife and their two boys. He enjoys being in the outdoors the most and has found that it has a therapeutic effect for him.

Through this expedition, Rodney hopes to learn how to “Live the No Barriers Life,” as well as meet like-minded veterans and potentially learn from their experiences as well. He does not often set aside time for self-care and applied for this expedition as a way of helping to break that pattern. Rodney believes that this adventure could prove to be beneficial for not only his own health but also his long term goals for himself and his family.


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