Ryan Slanoc

Johnstown, Pennsylvania - US AIR FORCE

Ryan Slanoc served 6 years as a Security Forces member in the US Air Force. During his time in service, he deployed to Iraq. He sometimes feels that he has lived two lives, the life before Iraq, and the life he lives now. While his time in service changed him, Ryan refuses to let the challenges he faced define how he lives his life. He finds that spending time in nature has helped him to deal with his own issues and he looks forward to adding new tools to his belt.

Currently, Ryan tends bar at a local establishment. The family goes camping and hiking on a regular basis and Ryan has found peace in the woods. He hopes to connect with some fellow veterans through this expedition and to share his own techniques with a group of fellow veterans. He looks forward to the simple pleasures of a hike out in nature, with a group of people he understands.


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