Sarah Tait

Murphy, North Carolina - U.S. NAVY

Sarah served six years in the Navy – the first two in the Deck Department on a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier, The USS John C. Stennis. She followed that up with a number of specialty schools and even trained as a Search and Rescue Medical Tech. Sarah spent the remainder of her service on deployment in Northern Kuwait and Southern Iraq.

Sarah currently works with a non-profit group as a care coordinator for service members, veterans, and caretakers. She’s also a member of her local American Legion and Warriors Veterans Outreach, and enjoys volunteering her time with both.

In her civilian life, Sarah works with a non-profit group out of Asheville, NC as a care coordinator for service members, veterans, and their families. As a No Barriers program alumni, Sarah understands the impact of building new relationships in an outdoor setting. Through this expedition, she hopes to harness the healing powers of nature, in order to kindle a love for the mountains among her team. Sarah knows that together, they can accomplish far more than they ever could on their own.


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