5 Affordable Overnight Summer Camps in Colorado

The memories you make at summer camp are some you will never forget. From the friends you make, adventures you get to go on and crazy camp counselors you have. Summer camp is almost like a right of passage while growing up, and if you don’t go, you are missing out.

Not only is summer camp a great place for kids to grow in their individuality and emotional resilience and branch out from their “normal” life back home, but it is a great place to learn new skills and try something new. From horseback riding to high ropes course there is something new for everyone. When kids are forced to play outside and experience the outdoors, they unplug from technology and make long-lasting connections with the campers around them.

Read on to jumpstart your research on affordable summer camps in Colorado this year!

Why find overnight summer camps in Colorado in 2021-2022?

make your kids happy at affordable colorado summer camps

No Barriers’ adventure trips get kids away from their screens and into the great outdoors

Summer camp in Colorado though..that is a whole new level of fun. Colorado has so many different things to offer from mountains to plains. Colorado summer camps are a great way to experience the outdoors. Whether you’re at an overnight summer camp in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains or out in the eastern plains, Colorado has a variety of activities to offer.

Camp life is built into the culture of Colorado. With so many active, incredible adults seeking community together, pushing their comfort zone, and trying new adventurous activities, your kids will feel right at home from the moment they wave goodbye as you pull away back down the mountain.

AND: There aren’t too many mosquitos!

Colorado has an awesome landscape to explore and the wildlife and vegetation are marvelous! Colorado’s famous state flower, the columbine, is often found in the Rocky Mountain’s open groves and meadows. In the meadows you may find majestic moose munching around or bald eagles flying high above or a cute little pika scavenging for flowers above tree line.

5 awesome (and affordable) summer camps in Colorado

1. No Barriers Summer Adventure Camp

No Barriers colorado summer campers wrap up a wonderful day with a sweet fireside treat

No Barriers campers wrap up a wonderful day with a sweet fireside treat. Photo Copyright Zachary Myers // No Barriers

No Barriers camp empowers kids to create the type of experience they want. From outdoor adventure to team building and leadership activities, your kid(s) will grow immensely while at No Barriers summer camps in Colorado. They’ll conquer ropes courses, rock climb, build fires, and much more. No Barriers camp location is near Red Feather Lakes, CO, just 45 minutes outside of Fort Collins. Kids are challenged to step out of their comfort zone while making new friends and going on adventures to create memories that will last a lifetime!

It’s hot dogs around a fire, overnights under the stars, creek exploration, rock climbing and more. Enjoy a Fort Collins summer camp in our intentionally primitive camp 45 minutes from Fort Collins; an off-the grid, pristine playground where kids can discover both the natural world and their own innate skills and abilities. It’s a haven for imagination and possibility, a venue for developing friendships. It’s a supportive environment for kids to challenge themselves and expand their comfort zones.

The No Barriers’ summer camps in Colorado are a phenomenally fun experience that allow kids to become leaders, to support each other, make decisions and take ownership over their experience. Our seasoned camp leaders don’t just escort kids from one activity to the next, they create teachable moments using the natural environment.

They empower kids to learn, grow and have ridiculous amounts of fun!

Quick details on No Barriers’ Colorado summer camps:

  • Ages: 10-12
  • Duration: 4 nights
  • Cost: $595
  • Sign up here [Use code NOBARRIERSONROPE for a $25 discount]

2. Avi4Adventure Windy Peak Residence Camp

Avid4Adventure inspires kids to take on big challenges. Through experiences like white water rafting to tree climbing, your kid will come home with a newfound sense of confidence and life long memories. Your kid will experience awesome outdoor adventures while also making connections with fellow campers and counselors. Middle school is a time of many changes and adjustment, and this camp for 6th-8th graders will equip them to take on all upcoming challenges.

affordable colorado summer camps

Let your kid take in the view at summer camps in Colorado!

Quick details on Avid4Adventure’s Colorado summer camps:

3. Camp Chief Ouray

This traditional YMCA summer camp will prepare your kid with lessons on how to be a better team member, explore the outdoors and step out of their comfort zone to try new things and make new friends. Many activities will be done in cabin groups, AKA the group they sleep with, so they will be able to bond with new friends. Your kid will also get the freedom to choose some of the activities they partake in!

Quick details on Camp Chief Ouray’s Colorado summer camps:

4. Camp Timberline: Base Camp

Camp Timberline aims to provide kids with an unforgettable camp experience where they learn more about Christ through sports and outdoor adventures. From an alpine lake to themed parties to ropes courses, your kid will get to try new things while making friends. Each week will have a different theme that the cabin groups dive deeper into through daily discussions called “chalk talks.”

kids rock climbing in the outdoors at camp

Colorado summer camps always include an element of adventure!

Quick details on Camp Timberline’s Colorado summer camps:

5. No Barriers Summer Adventure Trips

These adventure trips are geared toward older kids who want to experience more and challenge themselves outdoors. During No Barriers Adventure trips, your kid can hike through streams, raft down the Poudre River and climb snow-capped peaks. They will gain practical backpacking skills, not to mention additional survival skills like fire building, shelter making, and basic backpacking skills (so they can continue exploring the outdoors after camp!).

Not only will they gain great outdoor knowledge, but learn how to work in a team to accomplish goals and make friendships that will last a lifetime. This means less deadweight on your future family backpacking trips, too! 😉

Quick details on No Barriers’ adventure trips in Colorado:

  • Ages: 12-14
  • Cost: $995-$1,195
  • Duration: 8-11 days
  • Sign up here [Use code NOBARRIERSONROPE for a $25 discount]

These summer camps in Colorado won’t break the bank

find adventure at colorado summer camps for kids

Your kids can tap into their bravery and adventurous sides (safely) at overnight summer camps in Colorado in 2020-2021

Not only will these overnight summer camps in Colorado not cost you a fortune, they will be the experience of a lifetime for your kid(s). From the amazing adventures, new friends made and life lessons learned, Colorado summer camps are something special. Colorado has so much to offer, from the breathtaking scenery to the wildlife, that your kid will never be bored at a Colorado summer camp.

No Barriers puts on unforgettable summer camps for a range of ages that will teach them the most meaningful lessons. From learning how to make their way in the outdoors to creating lifelong friendships with their fellow campers, affordable summer camps in Colorado (like those with us, No Barriers!) are a great, affordable place to send your kid(s) this upcoming break!

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February 27, 2020
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