9 Benefits of International Travel for Students

What better way is there to learn about the cultures and people of the world than experiencing it first hand? Traveling offers students the ability to meet people from all over the world and expand their cultural knowledge.

Oftentimes when we think of traveling, we think about going across the world and completely immersing ourselves in the culture. Although this is a great way to learn and grow, not all travel needs to be that extreme. Travel as education can look like driving a state over and exploring a new city or even exploring a new part of your own town.

Why traveling is important for education..

Traveling empowers individuals to get out of their comfort zone and gain cultural fluency. Through hands-on experience, students gain personal experience with new things and that enables them to be stronger world citizens.

The cultural benefits of traveling are endless. No matter where you travel, you are bound to experience something new. Meeting people from across the world gives you the chance to continue relationships with people and therefore continue growing even after your travels. 

9 benefits of international travel for students

Critical Thinking Skills

When you travel around the world, you are forced to make some serious and big decisions. This experience exemplifies critical thinking skills because students are forced to use their judgement while exploring the world and evaluating their new environment. Gaining hands-on experience of critical thinking in a very new environment is a great way to gain critical thinking skills and become confident in them.                                    

Expand Worldview and Perspective

Traveling offers students to experience so many new things from food to languages to religions, that their worldview will be expanded. Having a greater perspective of the world sets students up for success because they will be open to differences in their own community when they co

me back to their ‘normal’ life. Having an expanded worldview allows students to be more inclusive and accepting of others that are different from them. 

Get out of your comfort zone

One major benefit of international travel for students is that it forces them to get out of their comfort zone. Since traveling allows you to experience so many new things, it will force you to open yourself up to experience new things. 

Although this may feel terrifying to leave your comfort zone, it is also where the most growth comes from. Outside of your comfort zone is where mistakes are made, lessons are learned and students become impactful members of society. 

Inspires creativity

Experiencing new things sparks new ideas. Travel is the best way of learning new things and adding to your repertoire. When you get to add new ideas and experiences to your repertoire, that may enable you to also become more creative. Creativity is a great way to portray the cultures you experienced and pay tribute to different cultures around the world. 

IndependenceWoman looking out into the open area.

Students who travel internationally are often challenged to do things alone. Whether that is riding the bus across the city alone or eating a meal in a new restaurant alone, they will be challenged to be independent. This is an essential skill for students to learn when they are young because being able to be independent and care for yourself, especially in a foreign country, sets you up for success no matter what you may face down the road.  

Meet new people

Creating a network that reaches across the world is a tool that can be beneficial in a number of ways. You never know down the road who will be there to offer advice and support, but through traveling internationally, students are equipped with a handful of new connections with many different backgrounds and experiences. Being able to have a mentor with a different worldview, can help you to continue expanding your knowledge and gain a new perspective in your life.


Having to get out of your comfort zone and do very new things creates a newfound sense of confidence in many students who travel internationally. When you learn to do new things, and succeed at them, you will gain more confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed. Whether that looks like being able to explore a new city by yourself or even having the confidence to travel somewhere completely foreign in the first place, traveling allows students to realize their potential and all that they can do and experience. 

Learning a Language 

Often when you travel internationally, there will be a language barrier from what you are used to. This difference gives students the opportunity to jump in and learn a new language and really immerse themselves in the culture. Learning a new language comes with a better understanding of the culture, environment and people. Being able to communicate in another language is a great skill to have, especially when learned at a young age.

Gratitude for Life

Lastly, one of the best parts about traveling internationally for students is the gratitude that you will gain for life in general. When you get to experience a new culture, you realize how intricate our world is and how amazing all the different cultures are. With a newfound sense of gratitude for life and different cultures around the world, students are set up for success.

Travel is the Best Teacher!Group of people studying something on the ground.

There are so many educational benefits of traveling, you can hardly argue against it. From learning a new language to gaining independence to getting out of your comfort zone, traveling internationally offers immense opportunities. With hands-on experiences, traveling empowers students to become better stewards of society.   

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July 30, 2020
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