6 Wonderful Caregiver Burnout Resources

Caregivers are some of the most important people in our society because they are selfless in the way they love others and care for others. Caregivers are anyone who supports those with disabilities, children, elderly or those with a disease.to complete daily activities. Caregivers can be paid or unpaid, but either way it is a very taxing role to take on. 

The burn out rate in caregivers is often extremely high because they spend so much of their time supporting others that they forget to support themselves. Although this rate is high, there are many resources out there to prevent caregiver burnout. 

From tips on self care (such as getting exercise and quality sleep) to retreats to go on, here are our top caregiver burnout resources and recommendations.

“I am so tired of being a caregiver…”

Are you over exhausted mentally, physically and/or emotionally? It’s not uncommon for caregivers to go through phases of burnout during their career, so you shouldn’t feel too guilty if you’ve muttered the words “I am so tired of being a caregiver.” 

But just because professional caregiver burnout is a common occurance doesn’t mean that you can’t use healthy strategies to actively prevent it or learn effective coping mechanisms to employ when it strikes.  

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It is important to address caregiver burnout in a proactive perspective so that boundaries and coping mechanisms can be put into place before the burnout arrives. By implementing strategies to prevent burnout, caregiving can be a very sustainable career and an extremely life giving career.

6 go-to caregiver burnout resources 

1. No Barriers Caregivers

No Barriers has figured out a few ways to solve how to prevent caregiver burnout! 

No Barriers offers an amazing dedicated program for caregivers that provides support and empowers caregivers to enrich and change their lives. No Barriers believes that caregivers are an essential part of our society and that comprehensive caregiver support is necessary to empower them to continue doing the amazing work they do.  

It is essential to co-create community between caregivers so that they can lean on one another.  

Through these programs, caregivers have the opportunity to create a community of other caregivers while also getting tools to care for themselves while also caring for others. No Barriers puts on everything from workshops to events to retreats and all of these programs are free to caregivers! All you have to do is register beforehand and take care of any travel costs.  

Ways to get involved: 

2. Love Your Brain Caregiver Retreat

Love Your Brain hosts caregiver burnout prevention retreats for caregivers that work with individuals who have suffered brain injuries. These retreats involve meditation and yoga as well as classes to build new skills and knowledge surrounding caregiving—now to mention the timely topic of how to prevent caregiver burnout! Through these activities you will also gain a community of other caregivers to support each other. The prices of these retreats vary depending on their location, but registration is required ahead of time and partial scholarships are offered through the application process. 

free caregivers retreats

Caregivers having fun with a little “me” time on a free caregivers retreat with No Barriers

3. Pathways Support Group

Pathways is a place for the community to come together and support one another through many different times such as losing a loved one or dealing with those in palliative care or hospice care. This organization puts on a monthly support group for caregivers. This group is a safe place for caregivers to come and meet others who share similar experiences who can lean on each other for support. On the second Tuesday of every month, come meet with this group for support, encouragement and friendship at no cost.

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4. Semper Fi Fund Caregiver Retreats

The Semper Fi Fund puts on retreats for caregivers where they can spend a weekend, relaxing, connecting and learning. They aim to help caregivers receive the support they need so that they can continue serving others because they see the amazing value caregivers are in our society. Through this program and these retreats, caregivers will learn how to improve their own self care and relieve stress while also supporting their loved ones. This program not only has retreats but also events for caregivers so that they can fit it into their busy schedules. 

5. The Nancy House Caregiver Retreats

The Nancy House hosts caregiver burnout prevention retreats for different groups of caregivers, from retreats for caregiving supporting someone living with paralysis to retreats for caregivers over the age of 65. Not only does this organization put on retreats for caregivers to go and relax and learn but they have events such as nights to discuss the importance of self care. 

6. Caregiver Action Community

The caregiver action community is an online community that supports caregivers through the ability to ask questions, find community and learn. This online platform enables caregivers to get the support they need no matter where they are. They have resources from groups to just talk to about your experiences, to advice about specific scenarios you may be experiencing. Although this is not a time to step away from caregiving and get support, it is easily accessible and a great way to build community and get resources.

More quick tips for avoiding caregiver burnout

Here are some rapid-fire, scanner-friendly tips for avoiding caregiver burnout right NOW. 

  • Get out and exercise—It is free and fresh air makes a world of difference. Starting a self-care routine is so important. Start small by taking a 10 minute walk three days a week; Let family know this is your time and unless there is an emergency please respect this new boundary.
  • Ask people to adjust the way they ask about you and your loved ones. If you have youth in the house ask people to ask about them first, you second, and the person you care for last. This is a way to ensure you, secondary, and youth caregivers are seen and heard. This will also bring awareness to people that you and your kids are individuals outside of your family caregiver role.
  • If people offer help-TAKE IT! Have a running list to give people of things you need/want help with and let them choose what they are comfortable with. This is essential for caregiver burnout prevention.
  • Surround yourself with others who support you
  • On the hard days, remind yourself you are doing the best you can and navigating this unexpected journey the best way you know how.
  • Join a caregiver support group, whether in person or virtual

Caregiver burnout prevention is important

caregiver burnout prevention tips

These caregivers on a No Barriers retreat pushed their comfort zones like never before!

These caregiver burnout resources will put you on the right track towards sustaining your energy and compassion. Caregivers are such an essential part of our society therefore we need to make sure they have the resources they need to support others while also caring for themselves. Since the rate of burnout for caregivers is so high, their self care needs to be off the charts. No Barriers caregiver retreat is an amazing resource for caregivers to learn more self care skills, create a community of supportive caregivers like them and take a break to relax.  

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March 12, 2020
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