Your chance to GET an ALL EXPENSES PAID RETREAT for caregivers now!

We're giving back to those who give the most and ask for so little in return... the caregivers. So whether you're a caregiver and need a well-deserved break, or you know someone who deserves some recognition for the selfless work they do every day, then please fill out our application form by clicking the buttons below now!
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Caregiver - a family member who cares for a loved one that they're living with.
**Not formal caregivers (nurses/dr/cna/etc).**


Applications for our 2021 Caregiver retreats close on April 3, 2021. These events are free to attend and are held in various locations. The dates for the retreats are still to be determined due to COVID-19. However, we continue to weigh all options to accommodate as many people as possible, while putting the safety of our attendees first.

what's INCLUDED in the retreat

These retreats are free to attend (inclusive of travel) and are held in various locations. No Barriers’ Self-Care Retreats are designed to offer a deliberate break for often forgotten self-care, offering space to build friendships, recharge and connect, play freely, and re-discover yourself!

Gain life-long friends

Make life-long friends with like-minded and selfless individuals and share in a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will bring the caregiver community together and prioritize you for once! 

recharge the batteries

We know how much difference a break can make... So here's your chance to kick back, relax and take care of yourself for a change! Who knows... A refresh might do you a world of good!

memories that last a lifetime

We're offering you the chance to do something you never would have dreamed of, with people who understand the hard work and commitment you put in daily... You'll never forget it.
"This retreat weekend I conquered fears, crossed items off my bucket list of things I had been dying to do but couldn’t due to my low income from taking care of multiple special needs children as a single mother. This is something so desperately needed and provides a service far beyond anything I ever imagined possible. Thank you so much for all you do."  -  Kirsten Kulick

Who are the  RETREATS for?

Caregiver - a family member who cares for a loved one living with:
  • A disability
  • ​Chronic/mental illness
  • ​Ageing disorder
  • ​Terminal diagnosis
*Not formal caregivers (nurses/dr/cna/etc). But if this includes you, please keep an eye out as this is something we'd love to offer in the near future!


It’s simple, apply now and we will review all applications by the beginning of April. Chosen applicants will go through an interview process. If selected, the applicant will be able to identify his/her preferred retreat. Chosen applicants will be notified by June if the selected retreat is available. We try to accommodate all applicants but cannot guarantee entry into any retreat.

CLICK here to apply/nominate

Applications will be open from March 3rd through April 3rd for you to apply for yourself or nominate a caregiver on their behalf.


Applicants will be selected for an interview process by April 12th and notified of their selection by April 24th, when you will receive the registration.


Registration must be completed by May 5th or we will have to move on to other applicants due to the upcoming retreats so make sure you keep an eye out for any emails or communications! You'll then be subject to further registration and health screening by May 14th to find the most applicable retreat for you.

RECEIVE retreat info

At this point, you can kick back and leave the rest to us! Applicants will then communicate with Retreat Leaders for all retreat logistics, communications and information for the retreat.

Here's What Arianna Had To Say

"Thank you for helping me be myself, helping me love every aspect of myself and everyone around me. Thank you for making me realized that I am enough. Thank you for helping me realize that there is always someone there for me, even if it doesn't feel like it. Thank you for showing me I have the most reliable support system underneath me, and nothing or no one can take that away for me. Thank you for changing my life and the lives of everyone who has experienced you for the better."
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