No Barriers Caregivers

No Barriers Caregiver Program is designed to improve the lives of family caregivers by building a caregiving community where individuals are given dedicated time and space to be together with other family caregivers through transformative, curriculum based, workshops, retreats, and expeditions.

The Crisis

45 million adult and youth family caregivers of all ages and backgrounds share common experiences that bring them together as a special community, and each one of them has their own unique journey with loved ones.

Our Solution

No Barriers Family Caregiver Programming focuses on events, outings, and experiences that will expand a family caregiver’s community, encourage and provide tools for critical and often-forgotten self-care, and individual empowerment in order to live a No Barriers life.

The Arch Foundation was founded in 2017 by Heather Zoccali. In 2019, Heather and The Arch Foundation merged with No Barriers to better serve family caregivers.

“Being a caregiver takes you across the spectrum of all emotions and feelings: joy in the progress made, sadness from the pain you watch in your loved one, fatigue beyond what you’ve ever known before…but always hopeful because that’s just what you are and what you cling to!” —Anne Burnside

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