No Barriers provides self-care programming, including transformative virtual and in-person experiences, retreats, & expeditions, for family caregivers.

Caregivers share common experiences that bring them together, and each has his/her own unique journey with loved ones that have diverse abilities.

Whichever type of caregiving journey you’re on, you are welcome at our organization.

No Barriers Caregiver Program provides respite care funds for caregivers who need help with their loved ones during the outings or activities.

Caregiver Community

No Barriers Caregiver Community is offering virtual, monthly events and get-togethers that provide a safe space for caregivers to share challenges, hopes, fears, and aspirations. If you’re a Caregiver in need of support, request to join our community!

Each month we will have a theme on self-care and self-love with activities such as:

Here is a video to let you in on what we have planned: FaceBook Caregiver Activities

No Barriers Family Caregiver Programming focuses on events, outings, and experiences that will expand a family caregiver’s community, encourage and provide tools for critical and often-forgotten self-care, and individual empowerment in order to live a No Barriers life.

Self-Care Kits

No Barriers Self-Care Kits are made by caregivers for caregivers with some No Barriers Swag. Each month offers different goods by different caregivers so when you buy a kit you not only are taking time and permission to invest in you but giving back to family caregivers to earn an income and find a purpose and vision.

Shop the self care kit! Take care of yourself or gift it to someone in need of a little TLC!

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