Caregiver Overview

No Barriers provides self-care programming, including transformative virtual and in-person experiences, retreats, & expeditions, for family caregivers.

Caregivers share common experiences that bring them together as a community, and each one of them has their own unique journey with loved ones that have diverse abilities.

Whichever type of caregiving journey you’re on, you are welcome at our organization.

No Barriers Caregiver programming focuses on growing a community and enriching lives together through programs that encourage empowerment in order to enrich and change lives.

No Barriers also believes it is important to build a caregiving community where individuals are given dedicated time and space to be together with others who have been or are currently in the same situation to learn from one another and lean on one another.

No Barriers Caregiver Program provides respite care funds for caregivers who need help with their loved ones during the outings or activities.

Virtual Programming

Facebook Community Events: We offer virtual monthly events and get-togethers that provide a safe space for caregivers to share challenges, hopes, fears and aspirations.  If you’re a Caregiver in need of support, request to join our community here:

Self-Care Kits: Check out our Self-Care Kits – made by caregivers for caregivers with some No Barriers Swag. Each month offers different goods by different caregivers so when you buy a kit you not only are taking time and permission to invest in you but giving back to family caregivers to earn an income and find a purpose and vision outside their role of the caregiver!


No Barriers Caregiver Program provides programming opportunities for connection and sharing, replenishing energy, and offering resources to return to loved ones refreshed and healthy. Our Monthly Meetup/workshops offer self-care opportunities designed to honor the individual, to bring enrichment, and build community.


No Barriers Self-Care Retreats are designed to build on the framework of our Workshops, offering space to build friendships, recharge and connect, play freely, and possibly try something you’ve never done before!


No Barriers Caregiver outdoor expeditions are designed for those caregivers that are seeking physical and mental challenges through 7-10 day trips. These expeditions visit locations all over the United States and will give caregivers a chance to tap into their adventurous side.

Youth Caregiver Program

Youth Caregiver: any child 8 to 18 years of age in the household provides unpaid help or care to any person.

The children and siblings of people with diverse abilities are often caregivers too! No Barriers Youth Caregiver program is designed to shine a bright light and give out some extra love, for these amazing youth caregivers. Our programming builds community, resources, and confidence through meaningful curriculum. No Barriers will provide self-care programming, including transformative experiences, retreats, and expeditions, tailored specifically for the needs and interests of youth caregivers.

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