Protected: No Barriers Climb Curriculum

Thanks for choosing the No Barriers Climb Program!

At the core of this curriculum are the seven No Barriers Life Elements: Vision, Reach, Pioneer, Alchemy, Rope Team, Summits, and Elevate. These are guideposts we confront and harness along the way, forging a complex and overwhelming journey into a step-by-step learning process and a common language to reinforce and mark progress.

Each “Camp” on your way up the mountain will focus on one of the Elements, with the following format:

  1. Watch a video from my Educational Series
  2. Read a short excerpt from one of my books, and review with the guided questions
  3. Perform an Element-related Activity

At the Summit, your students will take their own No Barriers Pledges and participate in a Skype with me. Additional videos, as well as people that inspire me personally, can be found on our Educational Resources page.

Start below, at Base Camp, and progress until you have reached the finish with your Capstone Coin Ceremony. And remember, “WHAT’S WITHIN YOU IS STRONGER THAN WHAT’S IN YOUR WAY.”

Keep Climbing!

Erik Weihenmayer


We will continue to refine the End of Year Marketing Projects document that we’ve been working on.

Final plan for what the Marketing Team will be working on/not working on through end of year is still in the works. Below are some of Jaime’s specific tasks that now will need to be distributed.

Social Media & Storytelling (Karly)


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