3 Cool Programs that Take Disabled Veterans Outdoors

When veterans return home from war, they have to readjust to a whole new life. That is never easy; and it is even more difficult when you come home from serving our country with a disability. Whether it is physical or mental, there is a lot to adapt to. From re-learning how to walk with a prosthetic to battling insomnia and night terrors, veterans have a lot on their plates.

There are many awesome veteran outdoor programs that come alongside veterans during this journey. There are options that build houses to fit their new needs all the way to trips they can go on to work on their mental health. Here at No Barriers, we tend to favor the trips that take veterans outside for some fresh air and new perspective.

Why is nature good for you?

Not only is fresh air good for your physical health, it is extremely influential on your mental health as well. Whether you are outside getting exercise or just breathing in the fresh air, your body is benefiting. 

Being out in nature, able to breath the fresh, clean air can improve lung health. Especially with all the pollutants in our cities, being able to breathe clean air feels great. The outdoors also help people to get active. Whether you climb a mountain or go for a walk, you are getting fit! The combination between these two benefits also help improve your immune system. From the clean air to the sun’s vitamin D, you’ll gain a stronger immune system.

Nature is shown to allow you time to take a step back from life and just relax. Relaxing can look different for everyone, but fresh air makes it even better. Heightened levels of serotonin, which boosts your mood, also come with time outdoors. 

3 programs for disabled veterans that take them outdoors

1. No Barriers Warriors Programsgroup hiking up a trail

No Barriers Warriors programs are some of the best. They give veterans the opportunity to grow and the push to start that process. Not only are you given the chance to grow, but you are given the chance to connect with others like you. The support you will find through these programs is unlike any other. 

During these programs, No Barriers has taken veterans all around the world, from the Colorado Rockies to the South Pole. And even with COVID-19, No Barriers has found a way to provide these programs. From Oct. 1, 2020 through Veterans Day, No Barriers is putting on their first ever free virtual veteran experience. 

Whether you are a veteran yourself or know of one who would benefit from these veteran outdoor adventures, you can apply! Being able to nominate someone you love for such a life changing experience is super special, especially when the price tag is $0!. 

2. Vet Expeditions

Vet Expeditions is a non-profit based out of Colorado that aims to improve the lives of veterans. They believe that healing includes the mind, body and giving back. Through this, they put on outdoor expeditions where veterans find community, push their physical limits and have outdoor employment opportunities. 

Although programs for veterans may look a little different due to COVID-19, Vet Expeditions is still hosting some awesome, smaller experiences for veterans. As long as you can send in documentation proving that you are a veteran, you can easily sign up for any Vet Expedition adventure!

3. Outward Bound

Outward Bound offers wilderness courses for veterans as they readjust to life in the U.S. With programs from rafting to rock climbing, they believe that the outdoors are a great place to learn. Outward Bound sees wilderness expeditions as metaphors for our daily lives. From learning to overcome to learning to be a team player, these expeditions will stretch you in the best ways.

To be eligible for one of these veterans outdoor adventures, you need to be able to prove you are a veteran through your DD-214 or deployment paperwork if you are active. To help make them even more accessible, all their programs are offered at no charge. 

two people standing on a board walk looking over a lake and mountains

As veterans readapt to their new normal, having an outdoor adventure can make that transition much smoother. Connecting with other veterans and creating a support system can be life changing. Knowing you are not alone in your struggles always makes them feel a little bit smaller. All of these veteran expeditions challenge the participants to grow and push themselves to new limits. 

We believe taking disabled veterans outdoors can make a difference. Not only are there all the benefits discussed above, but also you get to be in the fresh air! From strengthened immune systems to a mood boost, the benefits are endless!


October 1, 2020
No Barriers

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