Providing Educators the Tools to Help Students Harness Adversity & Realize Their Potential

Not another one-and-done program. Made up of interactive and distinctive content, the No Barriers Educator Community provides resources to challenge mindsets and alter how kids respond to the inevitable challenges they will face.
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At No Barriers, our goal is to give kids the real-world tools to do more than they thought possible.  

Our unique community platform, which includes free classroom lessons, speaker series content released monthly, a private Facebook group and mini courses, provides resources for understanding how to deal with obstacles and harness adversity.

We all know being a kid is more difficult than ever. 

We believe that by teaching kids how to deal with barriers now, we can set them on a path to living their best lives.
Based on our Bestselling Book

'What's Within You'

And 20 years of history bringing this message to millions!

Introducing the No Barriers Educator Community

Back to school is looking different this year, with the new and strange challenges that come with a global pandemic. No Barriers wants to help you make the situation easier by providing you with a variety of curricula and resources to use with your students!

Not another one-and-done program

The No Barriers Educator Community includes interactive and unique content to help educators engage students to harness adversity and realize their potential.

Bi-weekly interviews with renowned speakers

You will have access to these interviews in several places including the Events tab within the membership community, the Private Facebook Group and via weekly email updates.

A Variety of Classroom Tools & Resources

Bring the No Barriers Life - made up of 7 life elements that are the guiding principles to overcoming barriers - to your classroom. You’ll discover a wealth of resources that you can start using immediately.
All of this provides a platform for understanding how to deal with obstacles and harness adversity. We want to challenge mindsets and alter how students, and even educators, respond to the inevitable challenges they will face, and are facing now. We believe that by teaching kids how to deal with barriers now, we can set them on a path to living their best lives.

A Unique Curriculum Designed to Engage & Educate

The community will house a variety of FREE resources & tools that are tried and tested to be effective in the classroom.

Section 1: Ignite Curriculum

Includes six 30-minute lessons focused on the No Barriers Life Element, Vision

Section 2: Global Impact Challenge

Compete in a diversity and inclusion competition designed to spark the best ideas from students for building a world free of barriers, stereotypes and discrimination. Selected proposals will have the opportunity to attend the 2021 No Barriers Summit in San Francisco, CA!

Section 3: Private Facebook Group

Made-up of other educators who are also on a mission for their students to live their best lives

Section 4: Bi-Weekly Events and Ongoing Content

The membership will be updated on an ongoing basis with mini professional development courses, interviews, lessons and more

Section 5: Bounce

A curriculum that will help 11-14-year-olds to develop the skills and positive mindset to thrive in complicated situations, like the current pandemic, integrating with other kids, or facing complex challenges.
“I have noticed a real change in my son’s attitude. He'd been having a tough time at school and the encouraging messages he received through the course gave him a real boost. He's actually just changed schools (and moved to a different town) and he is so much more confident!” 

- No Barriers Parent

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“I got to explore my identity and learn about other people’s struggles similar to or different from my own.”

- J.V. (student)

Frequently Asked Questions

We can understand that investing time into something you aren’t sure is going to work can be scary, especially when it’s for you and your students. So here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Do I have to use everything? Do I have to use this all at once?

The community is designed so you can pick the pieces that work for you and your classroom! We encourage starting with the Ignite program - which you can split up throughout a day, week or month - explore joining the Global Impact Challenge, and use the private group as a resource center to connect with other educators.

Can these lessons be facilitated virtually?

Yes! We know times are different so these lessons have been designed with virtual facilitation in mind. Each of the curricula can be offered to your students in the classroom or via a virtual facilitation tool.

How do I know if this is right for my students?

These resources were designed with the middle school and high school experiences in mind. We have a team of experienced curriculum builders who helped shape our programs to be tried and tested for adolescent students - and even their teachers!

How much does this cost?

The community is FREE to educators! We know teachers need content more than ever so enjoy some No Barriers resources on us!

Who do I contact if I still have more questions?

You can email

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