Brent South

Land O' Lakes, Florida - US ARMY

Brent South started out with the 1st Ranger Battalion of the US Army and deployed to Desert Storm. After returning home, he applied to flight school and spent the rest of his career flying, completing over 4,000 flight hours. Brent incurred significant injuries when his helicopter suffered engine failure while in Iraq.

Since separating, Brent has gone on to raise two amazing children. He volunteers often at several different organizations that support veterans. In his free time, he likes to golf, SCUBA, ski, hike, raft, and do really anything outdoors. Brent knows he needs to stay moving to avoid lethargy, but finds that fear has been holding him back. He hopes this expedition will expose him to other veterans. Through their community and the lessons learned through the No Barriers curriculum, Brent hopes he can take all that he learns back to his local community, to help other veterans like himself.


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